HP Pavilion a1647c Power supply ** FREE SHIPPING! **

HP Pavilion a1647c Power supply ** FREE SHIPPING! **
Item# NEW-A1647C-500-24P
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Product Description

HP Pavilion a1647c Power supply.

  • Replacement upgrade power supply for HP Pavilion A1647C.

  • This Replacement upgrade power supply is Compatible with these following Bestec Models:

    ATX-300-12Z BC, ATX-300-12Z CDR, ATX-300-12Z DDR, ATX-300-12Z BD, ATX-300-12Z CD and ATX-300-12Z CC.

    HP Pavilion P/N: 5187-6114, 5188-2625, 5188-0129, 5187-5116, 5188-0129, 5188-0131, 5189-3964 and replaces 410507-001 power supply.

  • HP pavilion: a630n, a700y CTO, a724n, a730n, a744x, a747c, a749c Bundle, a750e CTO, a750y CTO, a752n, a762x, a767c, a775c, a785c, a805n, a810e CTO, a810y CTO, a813w, a815n, a815y CTO, a817n, a818n, a819n, a820n, a824n, a830n, a832n, a844n, a847c, a850e CTO, a850y CTO, a867c, a1050y, m1171n,a1210n, a1217n, a1250n, a1253w, a1267c, a1268c, a1300la, a1310y CTO, a1330e CTO, a1350y CTO, a1400y CTO, a1410n, a1410y, a1412n, a1419h, a1420n, a1423w, a1428x, a1430n, a1440n, a1445n, a1450n, a1467c, a1473w, a1477c, a1483w, a1487c, a1500kr, a1500la, a1501kr, a1510n, a1511kr, a1512x, a1514n, a1517x, a1519h, a1520kr, a1520n, a1520y CTO, a1523w, a1524n, a1528x, a1530e CTO, a1530n, a1532n, a1534x, a1540n, a1542n, a1547c, a1550e CTO, a1550kr, a1550y CTO, a1551kr, a1555kr, a1560kr, a1560n, a1570kr, a1571kr, a1580kr, a1587c, a1600la, a1600n, a1606n, a1610n, a1612n, a1616n, a1613w, a1619h, a1620e CTO, a1620n, a1620y, a1623w, a1624n, a1626n, a1630n, a1632x, a1637c, a1640n, a1644x, a1647c, a1648x, a1650e CTO, a1654n, a1650y, a1657c, a1677c, a1712n, a1720n, a1730n, m7340la, a6220n, a6319fh, a6750y, m7350la, SR1222NX, SR1318NX, w5020la, w5050la, w5320la, w5330la, w5340la, w5410la, w5410la, w5510la, w5520la, w5530kr, w5530la, w5610la, w5620la, w5630la and more....

  • The replacement power supply delivers more power than the original. It's a feature that will benefit, not harm your system performance.

  • Also benefits you and enables you to support more add-on peripherals like Hard Drives, Video Cards, Digital Cameras, CDRW, DVD-RW etc.

  • 500 watt ATX Power Supply Intel / AMD, i Core, XP, Vista/7/8 & 10 Recommended Power Supply.

  • 1x ATX 24 Pin connector
  • 1x 12V 4 Pin Connector
  • 3x 4 pin IDE Molex Connectors
  • 1x Floppy Drive Connector.
  • 5 Sata connectors.
  • Certified by UL, CB, CE, TUV, & FCC.
  • Low noise and ripple
  • Short-Circuit protection
  • Over-Voltage protection
  • Thermal Overload Cut-off protection

  • Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation Instructions.

    Dimensions : 5.9"(W) X 3.4" (H) X 4" (D)


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    Full One Year Same Day Product Replacement Warranty.