HP Pavilion Power Supply ** FREE SHIPPING! **

HP Pavilion Power Supply ** FREE SHIPPING! **
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Product Description

HP Pavilion Power supply.

  • Replacement upgrade for Bestec ATX-250-12ZD power supply & others... (5188-2622)

  • ATX-250-12Z REV.: D, D2, D4R, D6R and D7R.

  • This Replacement Substitute power supply is Compatible with these following models:

  • AV976AV, EK457AV, EK457AVR, EK458AV, EK458AVR, ER863AV, ER863AVR, ER903AA, ER903AAR, ER910AA, ER912AA, ER912AAR, ER913AA, ER913AAR, ER963AA, EW170AV, EX247AA, EX248AA, EX248AAR, EX305AA, EX306AA, EX306AAR, EX307AA, EX307AAR, EX310AA, EX310AAR, EX397AA, EX397AAR, EX421AA, EX423AA, EX423AAR, EZ058AA, GC515AA, GC515AAR, GC517AA, GC517AAR, GC520AA, GC520AAR, GC658AA, GC658AAR, GC660AA, GC660AAR, GC662AA, GC662AAR, GC666AA, GC666AAR, GC667AA, GC667AAR, GC668AA, GC668AAR, GC670AA, GC670AAR, GC671AA, GC671AAR, GG038AA, GG038AAR, GG039AA, GG039AAR, GG045AA, GG045AAR, GG050AA, GG050AAR, GG056AA, GG056AAR, GG060AA, GG060AAR, GG707AA, GG781AA, GG781AAR, GG789AA, GG789AAR, GL307AA, GL307AAR, GL310AA, GL310AAR, GM276AA, GM276AAR, GM367AA, GM367AAR, GM442AA, GM442AAR, GM444AA, GN547AA, GN549AA, GN556AA, GN556AAR, GN558AA, GN558AAR, GN560AA, GN560AAR, GN562AA, GN562AAR, GN571AA, GN571AAR, GN573AA, GN573AS, GN582AA, GN582AAR, GN587AA, GN587AAR, GN632AV, GN633AV, GN696AA, GN696AAR, GN697AA, GN697AAR, GN699AA, GN699AAR, GN701AA, GN701AAR, GN702AA, GN703AA, GN703AAR, GN704AA, GN704AAR, GN705AA, GN705AAR, GN706AA, GN706AAR, GN707AA, GN707AAR, GN709AA, GN709AAR, GN716AA, GN719AA, GN719AAR, GN720AA, GN720AAR, GQ618AA, GQ619AA, GS160AA, GS161AA, GS164AA, GS180AA, GS181AA, GS182AA, GS183AA, GS185AA, GS191AA, GS354AA, GS354AAR, GT671AA, GT742AA, GT742AAR, GV336AA, GV337AA, GV344AA, GV344AAR, GV437AA, GV438AA, GV441AA, GV441AAR, GV443AA, GV443AAR, GV446AA, GV460AA, GV460AAR, GX613AA, GX613AAR, GX617AA, GX617AAR, GX618AA, GX618AAR, GX624AA, GX624AAR, GX626AA, GX627AA, GX627AAR, GX629AA, GX632AA, GX632AAR, GX759AA, GX759AAR, GX765AA, GX766AA, GX766AAR, GX768AA, GX768AAR, GX769AA, GX770AA, GX773AA, GX776AA, GX776AAR, GZ619AA, GZ667AA, GZ668AA, GZ670AA, GZ672AA, GZ673AA, GZ729AA, GZ729AAR, GZ731AA, GZ731AAR, GZ755AA, GZ756AA, GZ757AA, GZ760AA, GZ761AA, KC746AA, KC746AAR, KC779AA, KC829AV, KJ297AA, KJ300AA, KJ300AAR, KJ302AA, KJ304AA, KJ310AA, KJ359AA, KJ360AA, KJ361AA, KJ368AA, KJ369AA, KJ379AA, KJ379AAR, KJ383AA, KJ383AAR, KJ384AA, KJ384AAR, KJ385AA, KJ385AAR, KJ387AA, KJ387AAR, KJ389AA, KJ389AAR, KJ393AA, KJ393AAR, KJ400AA, KJ402AA, KL624AV, KN320AA, KQ266AA, KQ381AA, KQ382AA, KQ383AA, KQ426AA, KQ458AA, KQ461AA, KQ515AA, KQ515AAR, RB043AV, RB063AA, RB063AAR, RC684AA, RC684AAR, RE467AA, RE467AAR, RE468AA, RE468AAR, RE468AS, RE468ASR, RE471AA, RE471AAR, RE473AA, RE473AAR, RF882AA, RF882AAR, RJ036AA, RJ036AAR, RJ100AA, RJ100AAR, RK513AA, RK513AAR, RK539AA, RK539AAR, RK554AA, RK554AAR, RK556AA, RK556AAR, RK575AA, RK575AAR, RN657AA, RN657AAR, RP824AV, RQ404AA, RQ404AAR, RQ406AA, RQ406AAR, RQ416AA, RQ416AAR, RQ474AA, RR790AA, RR790AAR, RT641AA, RT641AAR, RT678AA, RT678AAR, RX874AA, RX875AA, RX876AA, RX889AA, RX889AAR, RX894AA, RX894AAR, RX895AA, RX895AAR, RX896AA, RX896AAR, RX900AA, RX900AAR, RY871AA, RY871AAR, RY874AA, RY874AAR, RY875AA, RY875AAR, RY876AA, RY877AA, RY877AAR, RY880AA, RY880AAR, RY883AA, RZ385AA, RZ385AAR, RZ443AA, RZ444AA, RZ451AA, RZ452AA, RZ453AA, RZ454AA, RZ455AA, RZ456AA, RZ537AA and Others...

  • 500W ATX Power Supply (P4 Ready) Intel / AMD "Athlon XP"Vista, 7, 8 & 10 Recommended Power Supply.

  • 1 4 Hole Plug with two yellow and two black wires attached.
  • One (1) ATX 20 PIN & 24 Pin connector Ver 2.03
  • One (1) 12V connector for P4 motherboards
  • Three (3) IDE 4 PIN Molex connectors
  • One (1) Floppy 4 PIN connectors
  • 3 SATA connectors
  • ATX12V Unit - ATX Form Factor
  • MTBF >100,000 Hours
  • High Efficiency
  • Over Current Protection
  • Over Power Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • 100% Full Load Burn-In

    Dimensions : 6.00" X 3.25" X 4" (WxHxD)


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